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Enclosed Dog Parks of South East London

Updated: Feb 13

Whether you are just starting out on your training journey with your dog, which can be a complex juggling act of time, patience, and control or you're working on general focus, loose lead walking, or recall; finding the perfect place to practise in London can be a challenge.

Enclosed dog parks offer a safe and controlled environment that prove invaluable for dog training purposes. The secure boundaries create a safe space where trainers can focus on specific behaviours without the risk of distractions or potential dangers from the surrounding environment. These controlled settings allow handlers to work on socialisation and various other behavioural response cues with a higher level of precision. Additionally, enclosed dog parks provide opportunities for controlled introductions between dogs, fostering positive social interactions and aiding in behaviour modification.

Whilst we are very fortunate to have as many lovely green spaces as we do in South East London, there are unfortunately only a small number of enclosed spaces. So here's our list of our top five favourite enclosed dog parks in and around the Lewisham borough of South East London. Head there and have some fun with your dog.

Video: Dogs having fun at the dog enclosure at Forster Memorial Park, Catford

# 1. Forster Memorial Park, Catford

Starting off with my favourite, Forster Park is a lovely park in its entirety, it's a good sized park in a semi-woodland setting right in the heart of the Corbet Estate, Catford. The large enclosed dog area is situated in the corner adjacent to Whitefoot Lane. It is by far the largest enclosed dog space in the borough and is therefore very popular with dog walkers.

Be aware: There are two gates servicing the enclosure; a small gate directly at the entrance off Whitefoot Lane, and larger gates off the footpath in the middle. The gates and fencing are in poor state of repair and often gates are left open.

- Access to the enclosed area via Whitefoot Lane

# 2. Manor House Gardens, Lee

A small park joining Hither Green and Lee. It has a good sized dog enclosure which is accessed by a total of two small pedestrian gates at either end.

I'd like it more if: The ground wasn't mud/dirt, it hasn't been grassy for years. The fencing surrounding the area is rubbish and gappy, meaning dogs can easily jump through or over. It is also used as a cut through by non-dog users who often leave the gates open, and randomly has a tennis court in the middle.

# 3. Cator Park, Beckenham

This one isn't talked about enough and is a real treat of a park. The fencing is good, though I admit it's been a while since I took Alf there for a security test; he is head of fence management after all 😉. Great little spot for working on your recall and keeping your dog entertained.

Aldersmead Road, Beckenham, BR3 1NA

# 4. Friendly Gardens, Brockley

This is a small open space park which is strictly for dogs. It's enclosed entirely with good metal fencing though it does have several gates which unfortunately many people leave open.

- Access via Friendly Street, Oscar Street, Lucas Street, Thornville Street, and Albyn Road.

# 5. Eckington Gardens, New Cross

This is a very small little space but it's well fenced and gated so perfect for doing a spot of off-lead work for a dog with no recall. It's not exactly somewhere you'd go for an hours walk but it's perfect for exercising puppies, or using for a spot of training with little distraction. When I say this park is small I really mean it. It's a half moon shaped space that frames the outskirts of the park. It has a gate at either end and you can walk the whole thing in less than two minutes.

- Access via Monson Rd, or Casella Rd


If you have any questions regarding training your dog, please get in touch. You can book any of our services directly via the website or book in for a discovery call.

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