Dog Walking

Group Dog Walk

£14.50 / £7.50 per additional family dog, 1 hour

Tailored to meet your dog’s needs; on or off lead and matched with other like minded dogs in the group to ensure maximum enjoyment. We explore local parks, and other green spaces. Dogs will be collected and safely transported to and from walks by car and will be secured using seat belts attached to their harness.


Solo Dog Walk

£13, 30 minutes

Ideal for puppies, elderly dogs, or dogs recovering from injury. Solo Walks do not include training or transport and are walk from home service.

Dog Training Walk

£40, 1 hour / £70, 2 hours

A mixture of walk and training focussing on improving specific behaviours. 
Following an initial consultation (and/or referral from a behaviourist), your dog will receive solo walks with a focus on their training plan throughout. Working best as a regular service, you will receive updates and advice so that your dog has consistency and can continue to improve with your own work too. Ideal for dogs who require a little more than a dog walker can offer, for example those with reactivity issues or even to improve behaviours such as loose lead walking.

Check-In Service

£8.50, 30 minutes

Cat feeding, plant watering, or to break up the day for puppies, elderly dogs, or dogs recovering from injury who can’t leave the house.


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