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A dog's dinner!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We all know the importance of good nutrition and how it directly impacts our health, mood, and behaviour; you eat well, you generally feel well. So why is it that we don't consider the ingredients of our dog food and the link to their health and behaviour? We blindly trust dog food manufacturers to be selling us quality nutritious food without actually checking or understanding the ingredients. So many dog foods are marked as 'complete food' leading us to believe they contain everything our dogs need to be healthy and balanced. This just isn't the case, the market is saturated with junk! Fret not, there will always be rising stars bringing the very best to the market, and I am now massively invested in finding and championing the best dog foods available. Our dog's deserve that!

I speak regularly to clients about the importance of nutrition and how a quality dog food helps to improve a dogs behaviour. Just over a year ago I switched The Beags from a well known pet shop chain own brand food to Butternut Box. In a very short time, a couple of ongoing health concerns greatly improved and no longer needed regular vet intervention. We're talking anal glands. Yuk! I had no idea that the pet shop brand was the cause of my dogs discomfort until I had made the switch to Butternut Box and saw such a change. I started researching and found some excellent resources which showed me that the complete dog food I had been feeding The Beags wasn't as nutritious as I'd first thought. Though far from a poor quality food, it still rated highly with a 77% nutrition score, it clearly wasn't enough. See for yourself how the foods I recommend rate, link below.

This blog will be a work in progress, a diary, an explorative journey of foods and enrichment feeding ideas. My aim; to find amazing quality foods, the best enrichment toys and tools, and for our dogs to be enjoying four star meals. Check out using the link below to access a great discount on your first Butternut Box delivery.

The gallery are examples of what The Beags and my foster dog Elsie have been eating recently.

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