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What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is an anxiety disorder which causes your dog to experience panic when alone or separated from their guardian.. 


Your dog may be suffering from Separation Anxiety if they display any or all of the following:


  • Continuous barking, howling, or whining during any period of alone time

  • Destructive behaviours such as chewing of furniture, shoes, or other forbidden items when left home alone or away from you

  • Toilet accidents despite being housetrained

  • Shaking, pacing, or signs of stress before you leave home

  • Frantic attempts to escape from the crate, or house, when a guardian leaves


It is possible for your dog to be suffering with separation anxiety and not exhibit the behaviours identified above. 


The SA Pro Training Programme

Cwtches Dog uses a trusted step by step training programme when working with separation anxiety. This unique programme uses 100% evidenced-based-training and desensitisation techniques, similarly to those used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) allowing us to manage your dog’s anxiety and ensure there is no immediate threat; keeping your dog safe and their anxiety under threshold.

Remote Training

Each individual programme is supported by personal 1:1  video-call and detailed personalised program.


With our remote training, you’ll benefit from:

  • Training your dog on your time, no matter your schedule

  • Easy and simple set up, with no special technology needed

  • Effective results to help your dog be happier

  • No trainer distraction


Benefits of Remote Training

Remote training is simple and stress-free, and eliminates the distraction of trainer presence.


I work with you and your dog remotely to maximise on improving the separation behaviours present without distraction.


No matter how busy your schedule, technology helps you to manage your progress every step of the journey.

Initial Video Consultation

All Separation Anxiety training is done via Zoom which allows us to assess and monitor your dog without the distraction of trainer presence.


Remote training has proven to positively improve outcomes for both treating and managing separation related disorders.

Once you have enrolled on a programme, we begin with a comprehensive initial consultation to understand exactly the problems you’re experiencing. 

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