Crate Rest & Rehabilitation - Day 1

You may or may not have heard already that Ted, my oldest Beagle, has just had Cruciate Ligament surgery. His rest and rehabilitation period is around 3-6 months so I figured why not bring you guys along for the ride.

Life is looking very different for the Tedster right now; he's currently confined to a crate to manage his movements (or rather lack of), and is only allowed 5-10 minutes of walks a couple of times a day. As an added misery, he also has to wear the cone of shame to prevent him licking and infecting his wound.

We were very fortunate that Ted was able to have his surgery in the fantastic Hamilton Specialist Referrals in High Wycombe, where he was also able to have a few days extra care of R&R before I collected him on Sunday. As a family of four dogs, life can be a bit hectic here, so I'm pretty sure that despite the pain of post-op surgery, having a couple of nights away from his brothers and sister was a blessing in disguise!

Ted has a strict aftercare plan from his TPLO surgery for me to follow, so each day going forward I will document our progress and the activities I'm doing with him to keep him physically and mentally active during his recovery period. You can also follow his journey on Instagram, professionally via @Cwtches.Dog or personally via @Teds_Ears (it's his own account, promise).

Ted in the crate

Day 1 - At Home (day 4 post-op)

Started the morning with a wee in the front garden; it's quicker and easier to get to than the back garden and has fewer obstacles. Our home is long and narrow, to get to the back garden he has to navigate furniture, steps, sometimes the other dogs, and then more steps, it's a hassle none of us want at 6am.

Breakfast: Ted i